February 2023 – Volume XXXIX– Issue 6


Meeting Location: West Freeway Church of Christ

1900 S. Las Vegas Trail Fort Worth, TX 76108

President: Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101

President-Elect: Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982

Location: PO Box 121942, Fort Worth, TX 76121
Phone: -------


Next meeting: March 21, 2023

Scrap Magic and Scrappy Quilts

Happy St Patrick's Day


Board Meetings are the first Tuesday of the Month.

Meetings will be held at Wanda Edmunds house at 6:30pm. If you have something that needs to be brought to the attention of the Board, or you would like to discuss the issue in person, please contact a Board Member. Board Meetings are open to all but only board members can vote at the meetings.

Notes from the President

I hope everyone had a chance to go to the Dallas Quilt Show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It made me think of our show coming up in August.

We need to get more serious about the show ya'll. We need volunteers. Please check with Lynda after her presentation this month. We need volunteers for Setup, Takedown and especially our booth. We need ideas for the Booth also. Plus people to sew up items. Scissor cases, pouches, pincushions etc....

This month we will be addressing the email I am sending out separately regarding changes to the By-Laws. Please read them over. I believe they will also be posted on our website and facebook sites.

Lastly, but very importantly. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Secretary can no longer fulfill her office. I need someone willing to step forward to volunteer to complete her term for her. She will need to fullfill taking notes for the regular meeting and sitting in on the board meeting and taking notes also.

I hope to see you all at the Meeting on the 21st.

Can the ladies that signed up for the Embroidery Bee could get with me after the meeting to discuss setting up a day and place to meet.

It will be a short meeting.

Wanda Edmunds

March Meeting: Scrap Magic and Scrappy Quilts

Join us at the March meeting for a delightful program by Connie Sliger. She will be presenting “Scrap Magic and Scrappy Quilts”. She will be giving us ways to control the scraps and ideas for using them.

Looking forward to the April meeting, Lynda McGee will share information, tips, and tricks for entering quilts into the North Texas Quilt Festival this coming August.


Membership Committee
Thank you again to all the members who have paid their dues. Our membership is continuing to grow. We will continue to collect dues at the meetings.
The dues are $30 for under 65 yrs ; $25 for 65 yrs and older. Free to members who are 80 yrs or older with 10 years in the guild. Please bring correct amount or check when paying dues. If you are unable to attend and want to pay by mail you can mail a check payable to FWQG to:
Barbara Hughes, 3701 Wayland Dr. , Fort Worth , Tx. 76133

Membership Co-Chairs :
Barbara Hughes. 903-926-3581.
Dave Beers. 817-666-8404.


Show date : August 17-19 2023, Irving Convention Center

Show theme : Soaring to New Heights

A good show requires lots of behind the scenes help. The more help, the easier the task. There will be a list of needed volunteer chairs at the March Meeting.

Quilt registration is open !!!

Registration for non-members opens on May 1.

Registration closes June 5. Fees due July 6.

Tickets are available in May.

April presentation will be all about the show. If there is something you think we should cover, let Lynda McGee know.


Ann Houpt has volunteered to manage the booth this year, with her helper Beverly Peterson.

She will be collecting donations at the next five meetings. Suggestions include:

decorated dish towels


mug rugs

bibs and other baby items

crocheted or knit items

lap quilts

fabric bowls

pin cushions

table runners

place mats



net scrubbers

jar openers (from shelf liner & fabric)

Items for the booth will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your anticipated donations! Ann Houpt



Send Sunshine and Shadows to Anne Houpt :

HUGS quilts

Art Quilting Interest Group


ALZ Bee - open to new members!

The ALZ Bee met Feb. 22nd at The Rose Cottage, Home of The Very Thoughtful Quilter in Aledo. Lynda Ives and Nancy Houston attended. Members unable to attend due to travel and other commitments: Judy Turner, Sarah Tutt, Julie Hedden, and Kathy Alexander. Lynda and Nancy completed 6 Fidget Quilts and prepared 6 more quilt bases to adorn next month. A 9-year old student had a lesson immediately after and wanted to make one to donate, too! So we finished 7 quilts this month, thanks to Emmalyn!! Next meeting will be Wednesday March 22nd from 10-4. Call Nancy Houston if you want to attend: 682-429-6895.

Nancy Houston d.b.a The Very Thoughtful Quilter

816 Sunflower Ct

Aledo, TX 76008


Start a Bee

One of the most fun parts of belonging to a Guild is getting to know other quilters. But, there aren’t many opportunities to actually get to SEW and learn from one another, except in a bee. Most of the guild bees have been around for many years and don’t have openings for many newcomers. If you want to get know more of your fellow members, start a new bee!

General Guidelines

  • 7-9 members. Start with the people sitting near you at Guild or advertise in the bee section of the newsletter, or on the FB page.
  • A place to meet: dining room table, living room, playroom, apartment clubhouse, nearby church… You may want to rotate hosting among those with enough space.
  • Monthly meeting time for 1.5-4 hours. Some groups may also have periodic all-day project days or retreats.
  • Some groups organize around a common interest: appliqué, modern, art, charity projects, while some are based on proximity.
  • Start simply and see how the group’s dynamics play out through time. There are lots of activity ideas online.


Bev Ramsey was a charter member of the guild, a past president, a teacher and a friend. We lost her way too early. The Bev Ramsey fund was set up to help those in need enjoy the things she loved very much, retreats and workshops.


Quilts of Valor

Thanks to all of the members who have been sewing blocks and entire quilt tops, we have plenty of quilts ready for the upcoming Award Ceremony. It will be held at the American Legion, Post 516, 6801 Manhattan Blvd. Fort Worth, 76120 at 3PM on March 29th. I chose that date because it is also Vietnam War Veterans Day. Most of the Veterans we will be awarding quilts to are also Vietnam Veterans. Everyone is invited to attend.

Another sew day is scheduled for April 8th at Sandy’s Quilt Shop in Joshua from 10-4. Come join us for a fun day of sewing. All blocks and quilt tops produced will stay with our group and be awarded to local Veterans.

Just a reminder: Recommended size for QOV’s 60”x80” (minimum:55”x65”; maximum: 72”x90”)

Thanks again for all of your hard work!!

Cecilia Buckholz

QOV Group Leader



Lovies are used for preemie babies and their mother's so they can become familiar with each other's scent.

If you would like to make one (or 100) take two pieces of 14" square fabric - one cotton, and one flannel. Sew them right sides together, leaving a gap to turn. Turn, then topstitch around the entire piece.

Beverly Peterson collects them at Guild meetings to give to Cook Children's. Cook's is always very grateful for the gifts.


NICU Quilts

I delivered a very full trunk of a large variety of items including quilts, fidget quilts, heart pillows and other things! The crew there was so excited!

We primarily do 36"x36" pre-washed quilts and fidget quilts.

Other items accepted are lovies (10x10 or 12x12), resolution squares, ostomy bag covers and post-mastectomy heart pillows. Adult quilt sizes requested are Lap (39"x48"), Throw (52"x60") and Twin (60"x75") More info on these is on the following website.

Thanks for your help.

Julie Hedden

2021-2022 Board and Committees


President- Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101

President Elect- Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982
Vice President- Lynda McGee
Vice- President- Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195
Secretary- Jean Wheeler

Treasurer- Karen Wiesman
Member at Large- Sue Hilgardner 817-308-5472

Member at Large-Dee Ramirez 817-228-8024

Past President/Parliamentarian - Molly Risewick 817-721-0500


Communications t

Door Prizes

Greeter Barbara Dumas and Janet Swords

Hospitality Marilyn Smith 817-917-9294

NICU Julia Hedden 817.797.6109

HUGS Mary Lou Nelson

Lovies Beverly Peterson 817-346-0321

Membership Barbara Hughes 903-926-3581

Dave Beers 817-666-8404

Newsletter Julie Hedden 817-797-6109

President's Quilt

President's Quilt

Quilt Buddies Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982

Quilt Show Rep

Quilt Show Rep

Quilt Show Volunteer coordinator

Quilt Show t-shirts

Quilt Show Tickets

Quilt Show Minis

Quilt Show Booth Gillian Coleman 817 269 5158;

Raffle Quilt Cecelia Buckholz 817-480-7606

Raffle Quilt Tickets

Retreats Karen Rhyneer 817-597-0484

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Sunshine / Shadows: Ann Houpt 817-689-7678

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