Daughters of Zeus and Mnemsoyne

The Muses

There are nine muses Clio (History) Ourania (Astronomy) Melpomene (Tragedy) Thalia (Comedy) Terpsichore (Dance) Calliope (Epic poetry) Erato (Love poetry) Polyhymnia (Songs to Gods) Euterpe (Lyric Poetry). The Muses are known for their music and song that brings joy to whoever hears it.
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Each muse invented or discovered something important-

  • Clio discovered guitar and history
  • Ourania discovered astronomy
  • Melpomene invented tragedy
  • Thalia invented comedy, geometry, architectural science and agriculture
  • Terpsichore invented dance, the harp and education
  • Calliope was the superior muse and she was the protector of heroic poems
  • Erato was the protector of love and love poems
  • Polyhymnia invented geometry and grammar
  • Euterpe discovered many musical instruments

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Odyssey and Ilidia

Some myths say that Homer asked Calliope to inspire him while writing the Odyssey and Iliad. Calliope is depicted by holding laurels in one hand and two Homeric poems in the other