Baby sprinkle


Two babies are on their way, so let's celebrate before the big days!

Two of our lovely ladies at LGTH are expecting a baby:)! We are going to take the potluck planned for this Friday and turn it into a SURPRISE (shhhhh!) celebration in honor of Abbe and Erin's little ones!

You may have to use your creativity for this one, because the theme of the potluck is BABY! If you can't think of a baby-related food item, not to worry! Please bring in a new twist on an old childhood favorite dish of yours.

We would like to show our support and welcome in the newest addition to their families with a gift. If you would like to pitch in (about $5, less or more, everything is appreciated), please bring your contribution to Melissa or Jennifer by Thursday.

** A couple of things to note**

It's Abbe's religious tradition not to hold a baby shower before a child is born. This also includes purchasing items for the child before it is born. She is, however, very comfortable (and excited) to celebrate her pregnancy with her friends and co-workers on Friday, but to be respectful of her beliefs we will use any contributions for her to purchase a gift card that will be presented to her when she takes her maternity leave.

We will use any contributions for Erin to purchase a gift to present to her.

Thank you in advance to everyone who participates in the potluck celebration and/or gift contributions:)!

If you have any questions please let Melissa or Jennifer know... NOT ERIN! Shhh... remember it's a surprise!

Baby Sprinkle/Potluck

Friday, April 24th, 12pm

3111 North Ashland Avenue

Chicago, IL

  • Please remember to provide an ingredient list for your dish to be mindful of allergies!

  • We will decorate and set food out around noon on Friday, so if you have anything that will give away the surprise please keep it out of the staff lounge until that time. Melissa and Jennifer will be happy to find a storage place for you until then.