Globalization with a Sweatshirt

How Tracing Clothing Can Show Us Human Nature

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- Globalization is the interconnected, cooperative world.

The physical features of the Earth and the facilitation of technological and economical growth as well as the mixing of cultural and environmental awareness influence in what place, way, and for what reasons people live.

As You Can See;

  • Our processing plants are all near high population density areas, which are also near water for easy transportation!
  • The cotton farms are in one of the most population dense areas also, due to the high work force count. The Farms are there because of the people and the people are there because of the farms.

There Are, However, Problems With Globalization!

  1. Environmental: with less restrictive laws on environmental policies abroad, companies can be much less environmentally-friendly.
  2. Technological: Countries most in need of new technology may be held back by other powerhouses and be confined to manufacturing with human work.
  3. Cultural: Globalization leaders can overpower other cultures with their own.
  4. Economic: When companies are outsourced, jobs are lost at home.


The countries that outsource their companies to other places can regulate the companies indefinitely with the same rules as if they were making things in the original place. The home countries would reinforce the rules of their own overseas, causing the environmental impact to be decreased.

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Six Word Claim: The Globalized World Transforms MY Life!

Within this example, without globalization:

  • Ravean, the international company which produced my sweatshirt, would not be able to function.
  • I could not have received the product only a week after its making!
  • I would most likely have not even known about the company, because of technology developed by the new world.