Nepal Earthquake

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the ground in Nepal.

What and Where?

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit somewhere in between Kathmandu and the city Pokhara. The tremors were felt all over Nepal and in Bangladesh, Tibet, India and on Mt Everest.

The loss

Over 7,00 people have died and 14,000 others injured. Many historic and important buildings crumbled, causing huge loss to the citizens and crushing whoever was near. So many people were trapped underneath fallen buildings and many were never rescued. Some are still missing.

Stories of Survivors

Mr Nepali

Mr Nepali was working in the kitchen of a hotel in Katmandu when he felt the earthquake. At first he just thought it was a tremor. But then, as he looked out the window he saw the building in front of him collapse. He was then thrown to the ground.

"It was God who kept me protected in his arms. That gave me strength" he said.

The roof collapsed on him cutting his face and arms and fracturing his face.

Once he freed himself he ran outside.

"There was panic everywhere." he recalled, "I could see buildings around me tilted or cracked."

Bindeshwor Tamang

Bindeshwor was shopping in Katmandu with her 6 year old daughter. Within minutes the shops and buildings around her collapsed around her. Amidst the chaos she became separated from her daughter. She started screaming her name and found her collapsed undre some rubble. She called for help and pulled her daughter out. The first thing the daughter said was, "I'm hungry." She had a broken collar bone and cuts and bruises.
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