Pre School Teachers

Tatum 6th Hour


"Good teachers know how to bring out the best it students."

5 Tasks

  • Teach children up to five years of age
  • Prepare class activities
  • Provide materials and resources for children to explore
  • Read books to entire classes or small groups
  • Observe and evaluate children's proformances

5 Working Conditions

  • Well lit
  • Comfortable
  • Hours vary considerably with many teachers working part time
  • Some people work full time
  • 10 hours a moth

Job Degree

For a teacher a Associate Degree or Certificate is required.

Arkansas Yearly Salary Range

Hourly range for a Preschool teacher is 8.19 to 23.52 dollars.

Yearly range for a Preschool Teacher is 17,030 to 48,920 dollars.

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