First Grade Fellows

A peek of our week in first grade!

Friday Wrap-Up

Using Think Marks!

This week, students practiced their close reading strategies on a passage about Saint Patrick. Students used their think mark charts to mark the parts of passages that were funny, surprising, important, favorite, and confusing to them.

Also, while reading the passage, students highlighted important words and used context clues to figure out the meaning.

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What are "Think Marks?"

"Think Marks" help students think about what they are reading, as they are reading. Another way to look at it is as students are reading, their brains are actively building connections between the words and the meaning of the passages.

This is one of meta-cognitive strategies, and there are many studies proven to show increased comprehension skills when students "think" while they read.

Learning about 3D shapes

Students reviewed 3D shapes this week. After reviewing the names of the shapes, students learned about the different parts 3D shapes have. They learned new mathematical vocabulary words: vertex (vertices), face and edge. Then, students labeled the parts of different 3D shapes in their math journals, using 3D blocks as manipulatives!

Important Reminders

  • Please visit our Shutterfly website! I have uploaded videos and pictures :)
  • Please join us for our Summer Camp Open House tomorrow, March 21st @ 10AM-1PM
  • Our Science Fair will be held on Thursday, March 26th @6:30PM
  • Friday, March 27th is PTO Pizza and Casual Day

Thank you and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

See you all on Monday!