Ukraine Crisis

Mac Cranmer

How did the unrest in Ukraine begin?

a broken promise between a leader and his citizens: President Viktor F. Yanukovych had long promised to integrate Ukraine with the European Union by signing sweeping political and trade agreements. In November, he refused to sign.

Who is President Yanukovych, and why has he fled?

Mr yankovych is the president of Ukraine he was forced to flee to Russia due to threats to his safety, as tensions in Ukraine grow following an apparent takeover of an airport by Russian forces.
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Who are the protestors

The protestors are a group of people mad at the Ukraine government for not accepting a deal with Russia.
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Why did the unrest escalate in the past two weeks?

The tensions are very high right now and there is no progress getting done so people are getting angry
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What role do Russia and the West play in the Ukrainian crisis?

As Russian forces continued to seep into Ukraine this weekend, covertly, overtly and with the authorization of president Vladimir Putin and the Russian parliament, last week’s intimations of war have turned into a slow-motion invasion.
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How do you think this conflict will end?

I believe that this conflict will result in war. I don't see how they will get this solved so the tensions will rise and war will start.