Forensics Unit

Following The Mytserious Death of Jack Parrish

The Report of Investigation of Jack Parrish


Erin Dixon --- The Murderer

We think that Erin Dixon was the murderer for numerous reasons. First, she had a difficult relationship with him. Next, Erin said to Ms. Lecceardone that she was going to get Mr. Parrish back for stealing her friends gummy bears. Cyanide was what killed Mr. Parrish which only takes 30 minutes to kill. Then, she was dropped off at 4pm when the death occurred at 4:30pm. That means she put the cyanide in him. Finally, she was at 4:30pm with running away from the school only 1 shoe on. This leads us to believe that she hit him in the head with a shoe, which knocked him out and gave herself enough time to put cyanide in what he was eating. She also puts baby powder in her shoes to make them stay on when she runs. This explains the baby powder found on the spoon at the crime scene. That is why we think Erin Dixon was the murderer of Jack Parrish.

Crime Scene Observations

  1. There was a spoon on the second to the right chair that had powder on it
  2. There was a cup of uneaten gummy bears
  3. HS was written on the white board...could stand for something
  4. The chair that Jack was sitting in was turned over and upside down
  5. Bloody hand prints were smeared all around the crime scene


We went through a series of labs that all concluded that Erin Dixon committed the murder. The labs tested: the blood found at the crime scene, the powder found on the spoon at the crime scene, the blood types, the fingerprints, and the hair types of the suspects.

Crime Scene Photos

Group Names

Brooks Mauldin

Clyde Bresnahan

Brett Hull

Jones Bell