Equivalent Forms of Rational #s

Technology Infused Lesson

6.1 B

The student is expected to generate equivalent forms of rational numbers, including whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Generate: To bring into existence, cause to be, produce, to act as base for all the elements of a given set.

Level of Blooms

The level of blooms would be applying. The blooms definition of applying is executing or implementing a procedure where learned material is related to a new situation.

Blooms Digital Terms






3 web apps that could be used for this lesson

Zoho - Students will present a collaberative document explaining equivalent fractions. Students can edit other peers' documents to create a class finished product. This can serve as a tutorial sheet for kids who struggle.

Kidblog - Students could demonstrate knowledge by creating a blog and discussing how they can convert a fraction into a decimal. This allows the students to be creators of information.

Popplet - Students will journal a graphic organizer. A fraction will be in the middle and they can write equivalent fractions in the outside circles. They can include descriptions on how they got their answers.

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