Beech Class

Week of November 9

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12 p.m. dismissal on Thursday 11/19 & Friday 11/20!

From the kids:

On Monday, we had Studio in a School and we made pictures of our faces. We celebrated Rasha's birthday. We had banana bread and melon for snack.

On Tuesday, we ate apples. We had a read aloud on the schedule, but we didn't get to it. Kirsten read to the class. The whole class had exploration today. We had sustainability and we made structures.

On Thursday, we had a new schedule. We counted vegetables. We took inventory. Chelsea took us to recess. We had exploration. Maya cut out some things. We had snack inside. We had apples and trail mix. Sasha had to get school lunch because he only had crackers. He kind of liked it.

On Friday, we had snack in the park. The whole class set out their mats so they could sleep. The whole class had exploration. Sasha, Rowen and Roman went to hollow blocks. We had a special guest. Heather wanted to show us art.

From the grown ups:

We had a busy, productive, fun week!

Coming up:

Trip to the Whitney Museum on Tuesday! Heather, Josie's mom, came in to prepare the kids by leading a conversation about different kinds of museums. We also looked at pictures of Caulder's Circus which we hope to see after we check out the Frank Stella exhibit. Children used wax Wikki Stix to make things. Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather on Tuesday, as we'll be walking to and from the subway.

Writing celebration! Come check out our first published pieces next Friday, November 20, in the morning at drop-off time, from 8:00 to about 8:30 a.m.

Reading celebration! Come see videos of the children's puppet show or skit reenactments of favorite stories on Monday, November 23, time to be confirmed soon!

(We know this is a lot! We hope you can make one or the other, but if you can't, you'll be able to check out the videos later!)

Family conferences - This Thursday and Friday, November 19 and 20. If you haven't signed up yet, please click here.

Enjoy the weekend!


Madeleine and Rasha


This week, our math work focused on representing quantities. Children practiced writing numbers by sky writing and then using their number writing work books. They used white boards to show different ways to record 6. Then, by counting pictures of vegetables, they practiced taking inventory. On Thursday, kids actually counted how many Compass Farm Stand sweet potatoes, watermelon radishes, squash and purple cabbages were left before a small group transported them to a local soup kitchen.

What can you do at home? Practice counting! What can you count? Everything! Toy cars in a collection, eggs in the fridge, steps you take walking to the store, trees you pass on your block, etc. If you take inventory of groceries together, your child can help make a shopping list (with numbers) for the next time you go to the store!

Another fun (math) job for kids is matching pairs of socks! We practiced in school this week!

And also, enjoy counting along to this lovely counting video!

Sesame Street: Herry & John John Count 20

Writing Workshop

This week children chose one story from their writing folders to publish. Writers made sure there were words and pictures on all of their pages. Then they colored their pictures and made covers. They will be ready to share their stories with you next Friday!

What can you do at home? Keep retelling stories of all kinds! And keep reading.

Reading - Acting out Star Books

Children are still reading star books. This week, we focused on talking with partners about the story and reacting to the action that happens. Then kids chose their favorite books and we made groups to prepare to act the stories out in skits or using stick puppets.

The kids had a great time reading and acting out their stories when we went to Fort Greene Park on Friday!

What can you do at home? Read and talk about books or anything you read! We read all day long - signs, advertisements, bus schedules, news, directions. Share your reading with your child whenever you can so they see many examples of what reading looks like in the world!

Compass Farm Stand

Thank you for sending in money and contributing to our Compass Farm Stand collection. The kids had a great time selecting produce on Wednesday! The Compass Farm Stand is open for the last time this fall, this coming Wednesday!
Alexander Calder performs his "Circus" - Whitney Museum