Egypt's GRAPES

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The Great Pyramid of Giza

The Egyptians built pyramids to hold a pharaoh's tomb. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built for the Pharaoh Khufu. It is still a marvel today because it is the only one of the seven wonders still standing.


Nile River

-The Nile River was very important for the Egyptians. The Nile River was a source of drinking water, helped with trading and gathering food. Another way it was important was the location of the river, it was between two deserts and cataracts blocked the entrances to Egypt.

The climate:

-The climate in Egypt is very hot and dry. It is hot and dry because they are surrounded by deserts.


- Some ways the Egyptians used irrigation wisely was by using it to water crops. They used Shadoofs (Shadoof- A bucket attached to a pole to lift water from the Nile River to the basins.) They also made basins that were made for irrigation and they made canals from them.



-Isis was the protector of children

-Bastet was the goddess of joy and love

- Hathor was the goddess of love, birth, and joy

-Aten was the sun god of Amenhotep IV

-Anibus was the god of the dead

-Ptah was the god and patron of artist and craftsmen

-Thoth was the god of writing and wisdom

-Horus has the pharaoh identified with him

-Osiris was the god of agriculture

-Ra was the god of the sun

-Nephthys was the protector goddess of women

-Amon-Ra was the chief god

The importance

Religion was important to the Egyptians because good fortune would come if they made temples and buildings for the gods and goddesses. Religion influenced their lives to build temples and pyramids for them.


The Egyptians preformed mummification to make the passage from life to death easier for the Pharaoh. Only the most highest and richest people would be mummified. It would only be them because it cost a lot of money.


The pyramids were built for the pharaohs and there wives. In the kings chamber there is all the stuff they will need in the afterlife. The bodies were put in the pyramids so know one could get to it.

Valley of the Kings

The purpose of the Valley of the kings is to hide the tombs closer to where they ruled. Like the pyramids the bodies of many pharaohs are in the Valley of the Kings.



One thing the Egyptians made is three seasons. I don't know what seasons there was but it was used to tell what the weather would be like. Another thing that the Egyptians made was fractions. The fractions that they made are different then the fractions today. The last thing they made was angles. They were probably used to make the pyramids. Some more inventions that we still use today is astronomy. Astronomy is used for looking in space.

Another thing that we still use today is 365 days in a year. Our calendar was based off of theirs.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramids of Giza was made to hold a tomb of Khufu. It is still an engineering mystery because they don't know how the built the pyramid. It is also a marvel because it is still standing today.


The Leaders

The leaders of Egypt are Pharaohs. Pharaohs were imagined as gods so they were the leaders. If a Pharaoh died then either the son, nephew, or rarely the wife became the pharaoh. One famous Pharaoh are King Tut. He was the youngest to rule at 10 and then died at age 19. Another important Pharaoh is Queen Hatshepsut, she restored Egypt's economics. The last Pharaoh is King Ramses II, who restored the temples and buildings and was a very good at fighting.


To the Egyptian trading was very important. Trading was important because they needed supplies that they don't have so they can build. Some stuff the Egyptians really needed was wood and gold. They needed wood because they lived in the desert. The Egyptians traded incense and beads to other people. Queen Hatshepsut was the Pharaoh that was big on trading.

Social Structure


In Egyptian families the men were the head of the family.


The women in Egypt had more rights than other women in different civilizations.


The Egyptian girls learned to sew, cook, and run a household. Boys Learned how to farm and find a skill.


1. The most important job was Pharaoh. They were at the top because they were thought as gods.

2. The second most important job was a noble and a priest. Nobles and priests are second because they aren’t gods, but are richer than the lower classes.

3.. The traders, artisans, shop keepers, and scribes are third because the help the people of Egypt by making stuff and other important things.

4. Farmers and herders are important but not as important then the higher class because they don't get paid that much for the things they make.

5. Unskilled workers are the bottom because they don't have talent that can be a job.