My Bucket List

Slip N' Slide Launch Ramp

This giant slip n' slide is located in Butler, Ohio. Physical weathering has occurred here. The agent of erosion here is gravity (it's a giant hill).
Slip and Slide LAUNCH RAMP!

Dragon's Breath Zip Line

The Dragon's Breath Zip Line is located in Labadee, Haiti. Physical weathering occurred here. The agent of erosion would be water in the ocean.
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Dragon's Breath Zip-line in Labadee Haiti

Indiana Jones in real life!

This Indiana Jones themed runway thing is located in Rotura, NZ. The weathering is physical. The agent of erosion was probably a glacier.
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Indiana Jones in Real Life! In 4K!

Base Jumping

I would like to base jump off of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There is physical weathering because the construction workers had to clear the lot to build the building. The agent of erosion would probably be wind because while the construction crew was building, wind could have moved some of the dirt at the base of the building.
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Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump - 4K

Hang Gliding

I would love to go hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The weathering would probably be physical because you have to have somewhere to land. The agent of erosion would probably be wind or water because if you land on the sand, the wind and water at the beach have probably been eroding the beach for a long time.
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Get High on Hang Gliding