(Half) Hour of Code

What is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is an attempt to expose kids and adults of all ages to the basic ideas of computer coding. It is a worldwide event happening next week! Now we are bringing it to South!

What is Coding?

Coding is the ability to read and write a machine language and think computationally. In the case of these Hour of Code lessons, kids are learning to create programs that get through mazes and solve problems.

Why Should Kids Code?

Kids today are surrounded by technology. It is clear that computers and programming are central to most aspects of our lives. Kids who learn the basics of programming can become better architects of their future world. Kids relish the challenge to become “creators” – be active participants instead of passive consumers. In addition, the computational thinking (analytical, logical) skills that underlie coding will be required for future knowledge workers to continuously adapt to our increasingly data-filled world. There is growing recognition that computer literacy is essential for a 21st century workforce.

Students will learn how to tell a good story, logically sequence events, and model real situations. They’ll increase their technical proficiency and confidence. In addition, they’ll also learn computational thinking by developing their algorithmic and design thinking abilities.


What Does This Mean For You?

I would LOVE to come and teach your kids to code! Yes, even kindergarteners! I will plan to spend 30 minutes with your class. After a short introduction to coding, your students will get to work on iPads to practice their new coding skills. I will bring iPads with me, so all you need to do is be there with your students, ready to code!

What Do I Need To Do on Lesson Day?

Have your class organized and ready to listen at the start time - I will take over from there! I would love your help with aiding students and keeping them on task, but I will do all the teaching. I will bring everything I need to teach your students. You are welcome to jump on an iPad and try your hand at coding as well!

What Do I Need To Do Now?

Sign up for a time slot! And get excited about coding!

Click here to sign up for a time slot: https://goo.gl/zkIvsp

If you can't find a slot, please email me and we can try to work something out!

Sign Up Here!

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