Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? -Lalli Valdes-period 3

The Spoils System

The Spoils System is the practice of giving government jobs to political backers. Jackson rewarded some of his supporters with government jobs when he was president. The term spoils system comes from the saying "to the victor belong the spoils (valued goods) of the economy." These jobs were only available to the president's supporters and political allies.

The Indian Removal Act

The Indian Removal Act was an act passed by Congress in 1830 because they were being pressured by President Jackson. The Act authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to the land in the west. Indian territory was setup in Oklahoma by the Congress. Congress approved a new government agency called The Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is the 800-mile trip that the Cherokee were forced to march to the Indian territory out west. Many of the Cherokee's suffered from terrible weather, disease and hunger. Almost 4500 people died on the trail. After the Cherokee were forced out of their land, Georgia took their businesses, farms, and property.

Political Cartoon about Jackson

This Political Cartoon of Andrew Jackson shows him dressed as a king. This symbolizes him as being a dictator because he overused his power to veto the laws much more than any other president before him. The artist refers to him as King Andrew the First because he thought of himself as being so powerful. This cartoon also shows his disrespect and disregard to The Constitution by having him standing on a ripped up Constitution. The artist is definitely expressing his opinion that Andrew Jackson has abused and taken advantage of his presidential authority.

Letter from a Cherokee (Negative)

I am of the Cherokee tribe. President Jackson forced us out of our land in Georgia to settle in Indian territory out west. This made many of my people very angry and sad. As we were forced to travel the Trail of Tears many of my people suffered from disease, hunger and very harsh weather. Nearly 4,500 of our tribes died. For this misery, we will never forgive Mr. President.

Letter from a Democrat (Positive)

I am a Democrat. Myself and others formed the Democratic Party to support Jackson's campaign. We fully support Andrew Jackson as a war hero and as a President. I am also grateful that he provided me with a good government job for being such a good supporter. He is a strong leader!