Ikhlas Learning Foundation

Our little school and the buzz around it....

Positive Attitudes Please :)

Subhanallah, we are back after a long break and it is almost as though we are hitting the reset button again. Its a second chance to a new start and one with a positive attitude. There has been a small whispering of negativity in the school about work and assignments. Yes, its hard to shake summer off when the weather is still warm and the class is still warm, but we only have a little amount of time to have A LOT of fun and educating to get done. Please speak to your child about bringing their "A Game" and a positive attitude to class. Some assignments have been slipping and readings have been disregarded and a few elements of "disrespect" in the classroom towards the teachers is slipping in....lets forget all that happened and put our best foot forward starting tomorrow. And we will keep it light and fun and slip a few fun field trips in to keep everyone busy inshaAllah.


We are looking forward to taking the kids to the homeschooling day at the Perot Museum. Please click on the link and register your child for this fun day. We will take the kids to the exhibit and then bring them to visit a floor or two before returning by 2:30 inshaAllah. Please let us know if you can chaperon, or we will rent a big van to take them all.

Our Home is Your Home

We are taking the homeschooling experience to another level by working together with some awesome families and keeping both the academic and personal development of the child at heart.

After School Clubs!!!

Inshallah we are looking for suggestions for the after school clubs initiative for the kids. Please fill out the form and let us know what the kids would like to have after school on the form below. Cant wait to hear feedback!


Day of Dignity

Assalamualaikum InshaAllah next Saturday at Masjid Islam in Dallas there is a great day of service where we as the Muslim Community reach out to the local community of Dallas and see how we can help. Please let me know if there are any students who would like to go with me in the morning until the early afternoon. I dont mind taking them with me and Musab :)

Tuition Reminder and Paper work Please :)

Just a small reminder for Sept tuition and also there are some families who are giving in the Sept tuition but we are still missing the extra payment for Quran. Also, please make sure that we have all the registration and waiver handed in. Jazakullah khairun.

Our Wish List

Lastly, we have a few supplies that we would like anyone to pick up an extra one any time they are out shopping. If you have already sent these items in at the start of school, Jazakullah khairun!!!

  1. Next Generation Cleaning Wipes
  2. Toilet Wand Refills
  3. Swifter wet wipes for the mop
  4. Tall Kitchen Bags
  5. Tissue
  6. Copy Paper
  7. Dishwashing Liquid