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Should We Raise The Titanic?


Should we raise the Titanic? There has been an endless debate about this since 1985.

My Reasons

First it’s harder to look at in water because we float around and it is pitch black down there, also people can’t dive down there because the weight of the water will crush them and if we raise it we can study it.

Secondly, If we raise it we can see what parts we are missing and make those parts instead of paying $174 million to rebuild the whole thing.However there are other people that disagree. The Titanic is falling apart. Already explorers have documented caved-in roofs, weakening decks, a stern perhaps on the edge of collapse. Also if they try to raise it it could split into more pieces.

It would be very hard to raise and rebuild the titanic. To rebuild it it would cost $174 million. Also It is a grave to lots of people. It is a grave to more than 1,500 people.

In conclusion I think that we shouldn’t raise the Titanic because if we do we would be destroying millions of fishes lives.

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