Ir for sell!!!

By: Vanessa H.

Hey Teens! Do you want easier homework? Then turn your homework "not" hard!!!

Are your homework questions irrefutable? Do you want to reverse the irreversible? Then buy the new 2013 Ir and turn your homework ir hard!!!


The straight curve less I helps it not look weak , and on the other hand, the R has a mixture of curves and lines making it look different and unique.


Are you wondering what IR is? What kind of object it is? Well here are your answers. Do not think IR as mean or harmful. IR is a sweet, nice, and an innocuous little creature. Its like a little helper that assists students all over the world on grueling, strenuous, and nerve wreaking questions. It can solve any problems from math to ILA to history to science!

Life Story

IR grew up into the Not family where they are known for saying and doing not things. When I mean not, I don't mean it like "not doing the housework" or "not going to work to earn money". The Not family has a different way of saying not. By not they mean "not hard" or "not dirty". They turn the unsolvable solvable by saying its not unsolvable! IR has a mom who turns shelves and floors ir dirty and makes the house ir messy. IR's dad goes to work and makes it ir hard to make money and runs the business, not with difficulty. IR is an only child, so it spends it's time with it's parents or helps students around making there homework and chores ir hard!!!