Part 1 of Flyers Month

Come to the Flyers Virtual Outing

Please Join FSC's Kathie Bell, Danielle Gregory, Louri Fitzgerald, and Heather Schaffer to learn the history of ice skating, ice hockey, and the Philadelphia Flyers. Learn how math and science are used in building a rink and even skating. What is a Zamboni? How and why are they used?

Friday, January 10th at 1:00pm in COLLABORATE

Purpose of Session: Educational

Students may record 20 minutes of History; 20 minutes of Science; 20 minutes of Math.

Learning Objectives:

Students will:

· learn the characteristics of different temperatures of ice and how it affects different types of skating.

· be able to understand how geometry applies to skating and helps skaters execute their moves.

· create angles and identify a line, circle, parallel, right angle and a the properties of those shapes/lines.

· learn the history and inner workings of the Zamboni and its evolution to present day.

· be introduced to Archimedes and his connection to the Zamboni.

· learn about the history of the Philadelphia Flyers