Leah Carlisle Helderbrand

Highly qualified PE and SPED Teacher K-12

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About Me

Born and raised in Athens, Ga, I am a proud graduate of the University of Georgia. Growing up I was always working with kids. Being an athlete provided a lot of opportunities to teach and coach. In high school, my coaches had such a positive impact on the direction of my life that it inspired me to be that for someone else. I obtained my Bachelor's in Health and Physical Education in 2004. In 2004 I taught High School Special Education and earned my certification. 2005-2016 I taught High School Health and Physical Education. I coached Cross Country, Track, Tennis, and Basketball. I sponsored the naturalist club, ultimate frisbee club, led staff fitness classes, led recreational athletic time for students, and taught jewelry making to other clubs. I value and invest in developing strong relationships with my students, their parents, and my colleagues through respect, trust, and genuine interest. I believe I am successful because students have become teachers because of my influence, students keep in touch and come back to visit, parents trust me with their children, and colleagues are lifelong friends.
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Professional Feedback

Tennis parent: " Wherever you go you get great kids and great parents. "

Special Ed Teacher: " We always made sure exceptional students were placed in your classes because we knew you would give them the support they need. "

Student: "I'm so sad I won't be in any of your classes this year. You were a true blessing as a teacher. I will miss you so much."

Student: "My role model is my PE teacher. She is understanding, patient, and acts human. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have ever tried Cross Country because I am shy and wouldn't believe I could do it but she gave me confidence. She is like a mother, cause mine is not around, a sister, a teacher, a coach, and a friend all at the same time! I think about being a PE Teacher like her one day."

Athlete: "Thank you so much for asking me to run CC three years ago. I never really fit in with anyone but CC gave me the confidence that I could actually do something challenging. CC is what I'll remember about high school."

Administrator: "Your varied activities such as cooperative groups and technology integration helped to develop skills and address individual learning differences."

Special Ed Teacher: "She is a dedicated and honest teacher who works well with all students of all levels. She teaches with integrity and enjoyment and is a positive mentor for even the most challenging students."

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