Water Crisis in California

California is going through a hard drought

Water for life

Water is essential for human and animal survival. Animals and humans alike depend on water to meet their needs. Out of all the water in the whole world, only 2% of it is freshwater. Some countries are fighting for sources of water.

The Problem

California is in a serious drought right now. Some scientists are saying that the problem is because of high pressure air. Their saying that high pressure air is moving Pacific storms away from California and making them go towards Alaska. There are of course different things that could be causing the California drought but that is the only one that i know of. California is getting almost no rain. For example, San Francisco is only getting 2.1% of rain, Thats only 20 percent of normal rainfall.

The Effects

Many problems can happen from the drought. California's climate could change from lack of rainfall and water. People in California not get water because of the drought. The high pressure zones might change if there isn't any rainfall

The Solution

But there is a lot of ways to stop it. Like if the high pressure ridge breaks down then storms could start rolling in. And also if people will stop polluting water and keeping it safe then we wont have very many water problems.
Shocking Before and After Photos of California Mega Drought!