Barcelona, Spain

Located on the North-East coast of Spain

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Typical Weather

Barcelona is a warm place that almost never gets cold. During the winter the average is around 49 degrees Fahrenheit so cold conditions are never a worry. Spring time brings warmer weather with an average temperature around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, Barcelona stays a nice 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to keep it cool but also warm. And finally in autumn, it starts to wind back down to 70 degrees and 60 degrees to bring us back into a not so cold winter.

Popular Attractions

La Sagrada Family Church is definitely the number one tourist attraction in Barcelona. It's the unfinished church of the La Sagrada family designed by Antoni Guadi. This is the most popular tourist attraction--the La Sagrada family greeting about 3 million visitors a year. It's free to look at but inside is another matter.

This basilica's construction began in 1882 and is still not done. The plan for this magnificent building is for it to be finished in 2026 to celebrate Antoni Guadi's 100th birthday. Though it's unfinished, the public is still allowed to come inside and roam around to see it's grand interior.

The Picasso Museum is a great place to emerge yourself in the art of the famous Spanish painter, Picasso. Though he was born in Malaga, he lived in Barcelona with his family for his formative years as an artist. The museum doesn't have the most famous of pieces from Picasso, but it has a unique collection of his early sketches and paintings. This displays his developments as an artist and how he came to where he was as a famous artist. The museum is located in the medieval part of Barcelona called El Born and is worth the visit.
Modernist Park Guell is a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site created by Antoni Guadi himself, considered one of his best pieces. Guadi's idea was to create a residential garden building consisting of 60 houses. To use it as a business didn't quite work out and was donated to Barcelona's City council to be used as a public park for visitors to tour inside. This park resides on top of Carmel Hill which is quite a walk up, unless you take a taxi.

Mountains and Rivers

Barcelona is located on the coast by the Mediterranean Sea making it a major port city. The Besós River and the Llobregat River surround the city. The rocky mountains of Montjuich forms a semi-circle around the city, Tibidabo being it's highest point at 1,680 feet. These mountain formations help keep the winds out and help the weather stay warm in Barcelona all year round.