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Nicholas Wedyck

Mexican Cowboy

As the Mexican cowboy dances, Mexican music blares out in the background. The song that plays is a familiar tune. People in the crowd looked very amused. No one looked spiritless. It was so loud that you couldn't here the person next to you.

Some of the audience had constructive things to say. "What is love" said Thomas Denissen an 8th grader at Bay View Middle school. The people in the audience also liked how he wore cowboy attire and twirled around the lasso just like a cowboy. Thomas also gave it two thumbs up.


Wisconsin Beats Kentucky for the Big Upset

On April 4, 2015, number one ranked Kentucky and number one ranked Wisconsin recently face of in a basketball match in the final four. The underdog for that game was Wisconsin. Everyone thought that Kentucky was going to win because of their stellar players. Wisconsin showed them what they were made of.

Sam Decker and Frank Kaminsky carried Wisconsin through the game. At halftime, Wisconsin and Kentucky were tied. Bo Ryan (Wisconsin's coach) gave the team a pep talk at halftime. The pep talk worked because Wisconsin pulled it out and won 71-64.

The underdogs surprised everyone with how they played. Wisconsinite reward was going to the final two against Duke. If they won that game they win the tournament. This will be another tough game because Duke beat Wisconsin earlier in the season.

Wisconsin losses to Duke in the NCAA Final

On Monday, April 6, 2015 the Wisconsin Badgers faced off against the Duke Blue Devils. This was a battle against the two best teams in NCAA basketball. These two teams were facing off in NCAA final. Everyone thought that Wisconsin was going to win.

Through the entire first half of the game it was close. At halftime they were tied 31-31. In the second half of the game the Badgers weren't playing so well. To make matters worse the refs weren't on their game either. Even though a Duke player touched the ball before it went out they called it on Wisconsin. The Badgers ended up losing 68-63 in a hard fought game.

After the game, players like Sam Decker and Frank Kaminsky for Wisconsin were devastated. Some of them actually shed a tear. The reason they were sad was because they were going to the NBA next year so they couldn't win the NCAA tournament.