Do You Want To Become Rich?

By Amy and Tara!!!

Find Some Gold!!!

Come on down to the Bathurst Goldfields to find some priceless gold before it's all gone. Different types of gold to find all over the gold fields.


Fresh food at the diggings was very limited, in the basic diet was mutton, damper (a bread made of flour, water and salt, cooked over a open fire) and tea. Clean water was in short supply because the diggers muddied thecreeks, so cleanliness was difficult. Sewerage was not dissposed of in a sanitary fashion, disease was common.

History of Gold.

Australia has very significant history connected to this place. The first to ever find gold was a man named Edward Hardgraves with the help of a man named John Lister.


Family Lifestyle in the Goldfields

Everbody heared about the gold found at the goldfield and left their job to go to the goldfields. At the start of the goldrush era there were no roads to the goldfields, an no shops or houses. People had to carry everything they needed themselves,. They travelled by horse or bullock, or by walking with a wheelbarrow full of all of their possessions. At first only men were at the goldfield diggings but later on they were joined by their families. There were a few women diggers however, and the rich Bendigo goldfields were discovered by a WOMAN!!!

What are the types of mining methods there are?

  1. One of the types of mining for gold is a cradle. A cradle was a large wooden box used to wash through a large amount of soil, gravel or sand.
  2. Another one is called puddling. Puddling was used to seperate gold from the clay. The clay or gold mixture would be placed in a large container and then water would be poured in. Using a stake, the miner wuld stir the mixture and the clay would dissolve leaving the gold flecks and sand in the bottom on the container. The remaining mixture would then be cradled.
  3. Another type of mining is shaft mining, it was when gold started to become scarce just under the surface of the ground, miners turned to digging deep holes, or shafts, in the ground.These shafts would be approximately one metre squared and could be up to fifty metres deep. The miners would prop timber along the sides of the shaft to stop it from collapsing and would use a windlass or winch to bring up buckets full of soil and dirt.
  4. Number four is miners pick. It was used to break apart solid pieces of rock and soil so it could be placed either directly in the cradle or in the case of shaft mining,in a bucket to be brought up from the shaft mine and than put through the cradle. The pick was also used to help dig shafts when the ground became to hardto dig with a shovel.


The semi-trailer of the late 19th century was the bullock dray.The wagon was drawn by 16 or 18 bullocks which were in pairs.The bullock driver helped open up the continent. Cobb & Co provided gold escorts, royal mail services, passengers and freigh services across the land.