RJ #15- Week of April 22, 2015

Sent Letters Are Published!

Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts

Dear Dumbledore, (oh this is going to be so embarrassing/geeky!)

I just ate the Bertie Borrs Bean earwax flavour and thought about you so I decided I'd send you an owl. The wizarding community has very much liked how you are back in power. They think you are wise. We honour you because you have stood up for your beleif when everyone was against you. We think this is an important skill to have. Well, first of all it's an important skill needed to fight for Fred and George! They are responsible I tell you! Anyways, I think it's an important skill to have. It's a good feeling that when you stick with your belief and it comes true. In my personal opinion it's not the whole "I told you so!" that the muggles play. It's more of the feeling of joy that you knew you were either capable of doing something or believing something with so much pressure and you could do it in the end. Seeing it gives me hope that our kind will not lose their belief in fighting for me...well us against Voldemort. When everyone sticks together even if the Death Eaters are doing everything in their power to stop it, it lightens up the hope inside me. It reminds me of a t.v. show the next door muggles watch (don't ask). It's called The Originals. It's has this story about a dad (a vampire/wolf hybrid) and his daughter Hope. To me, it looks like everyone has just lost hope in saving Hope. It about how the dad, the mom and a few friends are the only ones that have hope in Hope. They have to save her against a witch (Do muggles know about us?! I told Professor McGonnagal to stay in her cat form!) but everyone is against them or just lost hope. The dad has come over so many obstacles in his belief that his daughter will live. Anyways, the point is you're a wise man. (The figurative language is just everywhere!)

Yours Truly,

Rufus Scrimgeour

Minister of Magic

Severus Snape, Spinner's End

I am starting to feel suspicious about you. You are a dear wizard. However I have been tracking you lately. It's not easy to trust in these new dark ages. I have sensed that you have been in contact with Death Eaters. I don't know what type of a person you are. I am a palm READER (oh so cheesy). However, I still can't sense what type of a person you are. When young Harry Potter was in first grade I was confused about you and you're mysterious attitude. Now, I'm even more terribly confused. You have done things to save Harry Potter's life such as risk your life with the in-counter of Sirius Black (oh so devastating news about him) and preform a counter-curse against Quirrel in Potters first year at Hogwarts. I must take account of you having the Death Eater mark, your mysterious and almost-hidden personality and your meeting with a Death Eater. I'm going towards you are a wrong do-er my friend. Your mysterious personality may want to hide things nobody wished existed. Things to do with your mark. It's like when a todller colors something the wrong color and then just try's to color over it with the right color(self-high five for figurative language!). You know you are doing wrong. That's why you are trying to cover up your mistakes and truth by doing things to make it seem like you are a good person. I HAVE NOT READ your whole palm (get it? I mean story) yet. I'm around 1/12 in. (Page 50/Around 600, self-high five for including math!) I hope after reading this you realize that there is a path.

Yours Truly,


P.S. How will you fulfill your promise when I'm here to make sure you don't? (He made a promise to keep Malfoy safe as he fulfills the Dark Lords commands, ugh seriously Snape?!)

Draco Malfoy, Malfoy Manor

Dear Draco Malfoy,

I think I know what task Voldemort has set you and why he choose you. It is clear that you are very popular in your grade. You know things as soon as they happen, you have sources. You are a student of Hogwarts, listening to everything that happens. Not only that, but you are a prefect. You have the ability to boss kids around. You are a pure blood. You know of Harry Potter's weaknesses. This makes you the perfect weapon for Voldemort. It's everything he could ever want. The best thing for him is that Dumbledore trusts you. The Prophecy was destroyed, something Voldemort has wanted. There is one teenager that knows what the prophecy says. Harry Potter. Voldemort wants to use you to get to Harry. To make Harry obey you. This way, Harry can recite the prophecy to Voldemort. What Voldemort doesn't know is that Harry's been practicing Defense Against the Dark Arts heavily. You are a pure blood, another reason he wants you.

Yours Truly,

The One Who's Side You Should Be On

My Perspective!

The book that I am reading is called "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," by J.K. Rowling. I know you're probably thinking "Aaron finish the series already!" When I don't read on the weekdays, I definitely make up for it over the weekend. However, that hasn't been going well lately. However, my goal is to finish the series by the end of the year. Also, the thing is that I keep reading other books along with this series. Don't worry! I'm getting there!

2. I have read 38 books so far! I am very proud of my accomplishments! At the end of the last year I was at 38 books. I still have more than 2 months left! I think that since I'm such a slow reader, my goal will be to get up to 45-ish books by the end of the year. I really do not want to stress myself thinking I need to finish about 15 more books by the end of the year. Reading is supposed to be calm...well at least in my opinion. Anyways, thanks for reading!