News from Mrs. Landwehrmier

September 11, 2015

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

You can sign up for our Fall parent/teacher conferences beginning on Friday, September 11. Conferences this year are Tuesday, October 6 and Thursday, October 8 from 5:00 - 8:30 p.m. Here is the link to my sign-up page:

If you have difficulties, please email me at This was very successful last year so I don't think you should have any problems.

Learning this week!

Reading- We are continuing to practice using our "Eagle Eye" while we read new text. Please try helping your child use this strategy while reading some of the paper books that are sent home. They should look at the picture first then try to read the text. If they get stuck, they can look at the picture to make a connection to the word.

We are also talking about story elements: characters, setting, beginning, middle and end to a story. We are going to spend a lot of time retelling stories as well. This is a difficult skill for a lot of kindergarteners because they need to keep the correct sequence while they retell without forgetting where they are in the story! You can definitely practice this at home after reading a story with your child!

Phonics- We are concentrating on the letters Mm, Nn, Ww and Hh this week. The students will recognize the upper and lowercase letter, their sounds and how to write them. Here are the letters we have already learned: Pp, Bb, Dd, Tt, Cc, Kk, Gg, Ff, Vv, Ss, Zz, and Jj. You can practice ALL the letters using the ABC chart found in your child's D.O.G. Please do not remove the chart so it lasts all year!

Sightwords- We are learning to read the sight words to & am this week. We have already talked about the sight words the, we, a, see, I, can & like.

Writing- I am encouraging the students to write down the sounds they hear while they are trying to write a sentence. We have started this by copying most of the words in a simple sentence and trying to write just one word. Ex... I can ____________________. If the word is not spelled correctly that is okay! I will write it correctly underneath so the student can see how it should be spelled.

This week the students are writing about

Math- We have started Topic 2 which covers the meaning of the math vocabulary fewer than, more than, as many as, and the same. You can login in to Pearsonrealize by using the Math login I sent home. I have assigned the digital tests for Topic 2 for practice if you choose.

'Give Me Five' book bags

The library and all the kindergarten teachers are encouraging reading because of all the benefits it provides our young students! As a result, the library is providing 'Give Me Five' reading bags for the students. These are NOT library books that are checked out.....they are extra books that your child can bring home to read! When you are finished with the five books inside, send the bag back and get another! PLEASE DO NOT put your child's regular library book in this bag!!! These books do not go back on the library shelves so we need to keep them separate! Thank you in advance and happy reading!

Library Books

Please have your child keep his/her library book in his/her book bag! We turn our library books into the library every Tuesday for our scheduled Wednesday library time at 11:35. All the students want to check out a new book and it is very disappointing when they can't! Thanks for your help!