Ashleys goal board


when I get out of high school I plan to attend TCU and get my masters degree in education.


when I get out of college I will get married or soon to be married. I want to children. One older boy , and a young girl. I also want two dogs. I want a Great Dane and a Yorkshire

wanting to learn

I want to learn how to cook. and how to ride a penny board.


Right now I have all a's with 2-3 b's. I want to have all a's for the rest of the year

being organized

I need to be come more organized with a lot of things, but mostly school. my room is always a mess and it makes be go crazy but im to lazy to ever do anything.

not being lazy

it always bothers me that im lazy. I want to stop. im very athletic at the times I want to be. but when im tired I will ot do anything because im to lazy. I want to not be lazy anymore


I want to become better at volleyball.
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