Sweeny Blueprint

Week of January 18th

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Sweeny Celebration Showcase

· 76.5% of Mrs. Embretson’s students scored proficient or advanced on the MOY Fountas and Pinnell benchmark.

· In chapter 5 of our math series, Mrs. Hunziker’s class showed 75% growth from the pre-test to the post-test.

· 100% of Mrs. Steffen’s students showed growth from BOY to MOY on the Fountas and Pinnell benchmark.

· Ms. Phillips' class grew from 20% being met or advanced on Big Idea 2, Unit 4 pretest to 100% being met or advanced on the post test.

· Mrs. Gilliland’s class grew from 10% in Range 4 on the ELA Acuity pre-test to 76% in Range 4 on the ELA Acuity post-test.

· Mrs. Nelson's class grew from 0% to 100% of met or advanced students from pretest to posttest for Unit 4, Big Idea 2.

· 100% of Mrs. Basta’s class is proficient or advanced in comparing 2-digit numbers.

· 81% of the students scored 80% and/or above on the Unit 4 post-test in Mrs. Wilcox’s class.

· Mrs. Marcum’s class grew from 0% proficient or advanced on Chapter 7 pre-test to 73% proficient or advanced on the chapter 7 post-test.

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Early Release Agendas

Please remember to have your early release agendas completed by each Wednesday.

Intruder/Lockdown Procedures

Here is a review of the lockdown procedures.

  • Check for any students in the hall near your room.
  • Lock doors and windows of your classroom.
  • Turn off lights
  • Hide in a location inside the classroom that is not visible from the hallway.
  • Do not let anyone in the classroom after you close your door.
  • Stay hidden and quiet until you hear the "all clear".

Before School Duties

  • Please be in your designated duty spot at 8:08 a.m. so when students are released all students are safe.
  • Please be in your classrooms by 8:08 a.m. so when students arrive you are there to greet them.


  • Should you have an appointment that comes up during the school day as an emergency, we can provide coverage as long as you arrive by 9 a.m. and as long as you do not leave before 3 pm. Please try to keep these days to a minimum as we are using our aides for instructional purposes in classrooms this year.

January 13th Ad Cab Recap

  • Celebrations
  • Team Builder-I can't WAIT to do this with you guys. It was fun!
  • Library Futurecasting-visits to Hollister and Branson
  • Innovation-support for principals with questions regarding innovation
  • Patron and Staff Surveys-review of information and next steps
  • CSIP Update-one more goal team meeting prior to kick off
  • Book Study-Five Disciplines of a PLC Leader
  • Discipline Data Review
  • Applitrak Filtering-new tool to help find best candidates
  • Weekly Collaboration-logs; PD logs
  • Bus protocol for when no one is home to recieve a student
  • District Assessment Calendar Update and Survey
  • Summer School Discussion (tentative dates May 23-June 17)

A Week at a Glance

Announcement Helpers: Mrs. Gilliland's Class

Monday, January 18th: No School-MLK Day

Tuesday, January 19th: 8:30 SPED Staffing (Foreman's room); Intruder Drill; Math Specialist Here (Conference Room); 10:30 Beth and Chris meet with Josey

Wednesday, January 20th: 8:30 SIT Staffing; 10:00 Beth out to CO for evaluation

Thursday, January 21st: Beth and Chris meeting; 6 pm PTO Skate Night

Friday, January 15th: 9:15 Chris out to Middle School

January Quote of the Month

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Together is better...thank you for keeping our spaces clean and organized!

December-Please remember to check your assigned area each day...thank you!

Sweeny Diner/Staff Lounge-Office Team

Makerspace-3rd Grade

Literacy Library-5th Grade

Sweeny Elementary-Beth Engelhart Principal & Chris Lockmiller Asst. Principal

At Sweeny Elementary, we are committed to empowering our students and school community to see their full potential and use their gifts for the collective good of the school.