Come to Athens we have gold !!!

By the one and only ethan mohr


we are trying new ways to look at things philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle created ideas about how the world worked. The study of history was created by Herodotus and Thucydides. Artists tried to find more natural and realistic ways of representing the world. Doctors, started to look for rational reasons for the causes of illness and disease.


We had thought gods caused everything like sickness earthquakes or droughts but later learned that it was all natural so they made medicine out of plants.

Come see our halarious comedy plays at our theater here are some things you should know

three main parts

played only during religious festivals

people traveled all around to see it

chorus described most of the action

mask were worn so some of the actors could play many roles

for special effects we used hoist to lift the actors in the air

THE olympics

Only boys were allowed to intend to the Olympics because all the contestants were naked viewed as a religious festival

Woman get to learn math

They believed that numbers were the key to understanding everything

Geometry comes from the Greek word to measure land which was used to measure land to figure out where to plant crops on.


The ancient Greeks created the three original orders Doric ionic and Corinthian

We built 3 temples for Athena