Puerto Rican Christmas

By: Maggie Carrion


Tuesday, Dec. 1st, 12am to Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 at 11:45pm

Puerto Rico

Christmas celebrations in Puerto Rico begin very early in December and do not stop on December 25th. The celebrations can continue into the middle of January if you consider the ''octavas and octavitas''. The big Christmas celebrations are; December 24 - Nochebuena; December 25 - Navidad; December 31 - Despedida de Año; and the biggest and most important of all for the children, el Día de Reyes on January 6th.


The children traditionally leave grass and water under their beds the night before, food for the camels belonging to the three wise men traveling through to take gifts to the baby Jesus.
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El Día de los Reyes

The Three Kings are important figures in the Catholic religion. Parades, puppet shows, troubadours, music and dancing take place across the island.The highlight of the holiday begins in the southern town of Juana Diaz, home to the Three Kings Museum, where three local men dress up as the wise men and ride horses.
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Traditional Foods