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December Newsletter

Thank You for Your Prayers & Love

When I started this journey with Origami Owl, my hope was to give back to others and to help motivate others on this team. I had no idea, that I would be helped by all of you. Being on Bedrest during this season really made me worried and stressed- but all of you helped out so much by remaining positive on the Team Page and helping each other through this past month. I can't even begin to express how Blessed and humbled I felt by the food that was brought to me daily by those of you on the team. Truly I would have never reached the 37 weeks without the prayers and meals from you all. Thank you so much! I am so blessed to be your Senior Director and Love all of you as if you were my family! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are all angels in my life!

Company Updates

Overnight for Christmas- Friday, Dec 20 is the last day for overnight orders to be received by Christmas. Be sure you get these last minute orders in!

View this great video by fellow Senior Director, Carla New, that goes over placing orders for overnight:

Missing Items/Replacements needed by Christmas- If you have a missing item or need a replacement item by Christmas call the Nest, 888.491.0331, and explain you need the item sooner- many times they are working hard to get this item to you and your customer on time.

Long Hold Times- I know it can be frustrating to wait on hold for long times, especially with all the business in our personal lives. So be sure to use the Fast Customer app, if you have phones where you can download apps. This app is amazing- just choose Origami Owl- designer care and the app waits on hold for you and will call you back when a rep answers (no cell minutes used). If you don't have a phone with app capabilities- go the website

and choose Origami Owl- designer care, you can choose the phone # to call you back at, it can be a land-line, cell or any type of phone. Fast customer will wait on hold for you and your phone will ring when a rep answers.

Cabo Trip- Congratulations to ALL of those that qualified for the CABO trip!!! Woo Hoo!

You can check the list at

If you qualified for this trip & plan to go- please work on getting your passports & you will have to expedite if you don't have already to make by deadline of Dec 30 for travel arrangements. Many have used Rushed my passport to get in on time- Here is the link to the site:

USPS Tracking- The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been experiencing issues with their tracking system. Unfortunately these issues have affected our shipments by attaching recycled tracking numbers to some orders. When these numbers do update, they are still showing incorrect tracking information, including inaccurate delivery dates and addresses. The Nest is doing their best to address these issues with the USPS, please do not call the Nest about this, designer care doesn't have info to assist with this- the company is working with US Postal to fix.

Commission- If you think your commission is wrong, please do not call the Nest or wait on hold, they will not be able to help you. You need to click on "Contact Us" link at the bottom of and click on the link that says "One of our designers" then enter name, ID and for subject choose "Commission" explain in the message as much detail as possible.

Please be aware that most commissions are correct, but designers do not realize that they are paying for parties at wholesale price instead of retail. If you paid for a party wholesale price- then you are not receiving commission on this order from the company b/c you are paying our discount and actually receive your commission from customers when you collect payments.

This video by Beth Blemaster helps explain this:

This Word Document in our Dropbox, that myself & Krista created also explains how commissions and paying retail vs wholesale. Please look over this and the video to ensure your commission is wrong before contacting the company:


October Blitz:
I have all prizes for those in El Paso that won/participated in Blitz and will be giving these out at our meeting/post-celebration gathering in January. For those of you out-of-town that participated or won prizes I will be having these shipped out in January. Unfortunately, the company I get these prizes from had a breach in their system & my cc was compromised with lots of charges (so glad my cc doesn't hold me responsible). I was advised to wait until January to order the remaining items, so I will be ordering those and have them shipped to you all in January.

The Cabo Incentive:

Our Cabo Incentive was from July-November, it included Jewelry Bars held and PV purchased. Unfortunately, with the new system- I have no way to look up everyone's PV past November. I can only see November PV and no way of looking up Jewelry Bars.
So instead of smaller prizes, I will be giving the main prize I was going to give out, which is a display for your lockets (just finalizing it's production) for everyone that hit the November PV designated for the Incentive, so that was $4000 in PV. If you hit this PV for November- Congratulations! You don't need to let me know, I can see this PV info in my back office.
Now, if you didn't hit the month of Dec PV, but you know you hit the PV listed below for any of the other months for our incentive- email me at & put "Cabo Incentive" in subject. Include your name, designer ID and the month you hit the desired PV listed below. You only have to hit the PV for one of the months below to win the locket display. I can call the Nest to verify your PV, but please be sure you have also checked this. I know that you can't look up your past months PV (prior to November), but you can look at your past orders under order summary- orders past 60 days- and add up PV from your orders for the month you think you qualified:

PVs to Qualify for Main Prize:
July- $2000 PV
August- $3000 PV
September- $3000 PV
October- $4000 PV
November- $4000 PV

Now for the Grand Prize- Everyone that reached the 15,000 Cabo points will be in Drawing for the Grand Prize. Email me at to be in the drawing for the Grand Prize if you reached the 15,000 points. Please email me your name, ID and put "Grand Prize" in the Subject. You can check and the list of those that hit 15,000 points is there, I will also verify with this list.

Grand Prize: 2 night hotel stay for the Origami Owl National Convention in July will be pd for at the O2 rate established at hotels for a standard room.

Main prizes for those who reached desired PVs will be shipped at end of January, drawing for Grand Prize will be held in January as well.


I know we are all Focused on Christmas and finishing this season of orders! After you have some much needed relaxation, start thinking about our next season- Valentines!!!!

Begin calling customers and booking Jewelry Bars for the first 2-3 weeks in January- with some new Valentine products coming, it will be a great idea to get things booked! For Valentines, there willl be many limited edition options and they will probably sell FAST- so book those JB sooner than later.

The Valentine Supplement Take Out Menu is available to order now! Preorders are until Dec 20 and they will ship on Dec 23. New product will come out Jan 2nd. The supplement Take out menu is 8 pages and sells for $5 for 25. The code is SA7004. This is a supplement to use along side our current Take out menu.

Excited to have some new Valentine products!!! And a great reason for customers to spend their extra Christmas money!


Christmas can be our greatest business season, which is great! But this can also be a stressful time as we try to deliver last minute orders and make our customers happy, as well as deal with our own personal Christmas lists and things to do.

Please don't forget that this season is about FAMILY AND LOVE! There has never been a "Locket Emergency" so don't ever let your business and this product cause you to lose sight of this beautiful season! Please spend time with your families- this means you have to let it go sometimes- and place the focus from your business to your families and yourself!

Pay-It-Forward and remember our Project of Love this month to give someone in need a Christmas gift or pay-it-forward in some way this season to someone. There is nothing that gives more to this season then blessing others!

I pray that each of you have a Blessed Holiday season with your families and Enjoy this beautiful season of Love! Know that my Heart is Blessed to Have each of you in our Origami Owl Family!



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