The Most Dangerous Game

By: Kim Parra

Soundtrack Songs:

1) 'If Today Was Your Last Day' by Nickelback

I feel like this song would go well with the scene of Rainsford's first night of being hunted, hiding up in the tree. Rainsford is probably thinking that it could in fact be his last day of living, which is what this song talks about.

'Enemy' Original Film Movie Soundtrack

I think this song would fit the scene where Rainsford comes out and attacks the general. The music sounds very suspenseful and climatic, which is exactly how the scene is as it escalates.

'Survivor" by Destiny's Child

Every movie needs a song for when the credits role, why not 'Survivor' for The most dangerous game. Rainsford survived at Trap-Ship Island so i thought it would be a good fit.

'Come Out and Play' Music Box

I chose this song for when General Zaroff walks up to the tree where Rainsford is hiding slowly looked up, smiled, and walked away. The general forces these men to 'come out and play' his little game and i think the music goes along with all the creepiness.

'The Song of the High Seas' by Robert Russell Bennett

in the beginning of the story, Rainsford and Whitney are on a a boat talking about the then mysterious Trap Shit Island.