Bauters' Bulletin


Reading and Writing

Students have been working so hard on animal projects this quarter. I am so proud of their accomplishments, and I can see that they are too!

We will move on to opinion and persuasion in the next quarter. We will read books and support our opinions by using evidence from the text. We will also write book reviews to convince others to read the book as well. Furthermore, we will focus on taking a stance on topics, and then persuading others by stating reasons to support our arguments.

Science and Social Studies

We've been working on the life cycles of animals, and making our own in our nonfiction animal reports. We used our science books as mentor texts to help us determine the important parts of a life cycle.

In Social Studies, we are learning about different cultures and their traditions by looking at celebrations around the world. We are having fun learning about the diversity in our classroom. We will continue this in the next two weeks as students bring their own celebrations to our study. I invite anyone to make a book at home to share with the class!


We have been working on adding with regrouping. We are moving on from two-digit numbers to three-digit numbers. We will be working on subtraction strategies, and borrowing in the next quarter. I will begin assessing and reporting on addition and subtraction at that time. Please practice at home as well. Thank you for all you do!