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Week of April 25th

Playground Project

The students have been spending their Math time this week designing a "dream playground" with a budget of $100,000 and equipment from They have quite the ideas! We are working on a lay-out/map, finding what percent of our total budget each item is, and the area and perimeter each section of our playground will take up. This has been such a fun project for them!


A BIG THANKS to Mr. Langbehn, our technology coordinator, for supplying 5 headphone splitters to our classroom. Our splitters allow up to 5 people to listen to the same iPad at the same time, which worked great for Book Club! Three of the 4 books were available to us online as audiobooks. If audiobooks are something you think your child might enjoy, check out SD Titles to Go (South Dakota online library) or online stores such as

AR Goals

The kids have been working hard to reach their AR goals. Currently, ten of our 26 students have met their goal. Continue to push reading at home. Several are very close to their goals, and some have quite a ways to go yet. The students should have an idea of where they are at, but if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or message through Remind/Dojo.

Augmented Reality

Check out this cool project that Kendra completed during Makerspace time! She colored a picture and then used the Quiver app to make it come to life! As we reflected the iPad to the board, we recorded it so other students could see the "magic" happen. Here is a look at what happened when we used the Quiver app to scan over her colored paper. (Note: Excuse the last 45 seconds where we forgot to shut off the recording!)
Reflector Recording Quiver Kendra

Band Notes

As we get closer to summer there are a few things I want to make you aware of:

  1. I am frequently asked if students need to practice over the summer. Of course my answer is YES, but my summer expectations are a little different. Students are busy during the summer with multitudes of activities, and we all want our kids to participate in swimming, baseball, soccer, bike riding, summer reading program, babysitting, tractor shows, vacationing, hanging out with friends…just enjoying summer! SO, set a reasonable practice goal for the summer months (ie: once a week, two hours a month, every Friday at 2:00, etc) and try to meet your goal. Anything you do will be better than nothing at all. And IF you don’t quite meet your goal, or don’t get any practice at all *gasp* (you won’t be the first one), we’re still going to have band next year, so bring your horn on the first day of school and we’ll start where we are and go from there.
  2. Students who are using school horns are welcome to keep them over the summer. They are checked out to you for as long as you are in the program and you have need of them. Please feel free to take your borrowed school horns home so you can practice, or use them to play at church or for family reunions, or for whatever occasion you might have. The only students who will be expected to turn in their school horns are those who don’t plan to continue band in middle school.
  3. If your horn needs repair the summer is a great time to look into that. If you have a school horn that needs repair, please make sure to visit with me before school gets out so I can make a plan. If your personal horn needs repair, horns that were purchased from Taylor Music on their Beginner Plan are still under warranty and those repairs are free. It’s a great time to have your horns repaired, cleaned, or just looked at to make sure all is well. I also recommend Taylor Music for other repairs, as their repair department is reasonably priced and close by.
  4. Students who have completed one year of band are eligible to attend Rushmore Music Camp in Aberdeen on July 31-Aug 5. This is a very fun stay-over camp that will give students the opportunity to play in a large band with students from all over, and to take private lessons from world-class teachers who are experts on their instruments! I highly encourage anyone who is interested in a serious summer music opportunity to consider going to camp. Students are bringing home more information this week.

Please let me know how I can assist you with any of the above topics! We have had such a great year, and I am just so proud of the students for their outstanding concert and contest performances. It has been a thrill to get to know these kids better and I am really looking forward to making music with them for years to come.

Owl the Ways to Save the Earth

We made these owls (see the Flipagram video below) out of recycled newspaper and paint. It was an easy Earth Day project. Each student then wrote a short essay including ways to save the Earth at home, at school, and in their community.
Owl the Ways to Save the Earth

Field Trip $ Reminder

We will be heading to Mitchell on Wednesday, May 11th for our field trip. We will visit the Prehistoric Indian Village, tour the Corn Palace, and then finish with a couple games at the Bowling Alley. Students will need to bring a sack lunch (no pop please) and be sure to have socks on/along. Students will need to provide $6 to cover the expense of our trip. Please visit with me if you have any concerns about the expense. Please send the money by next Friday. Thanks!

ABC Countdown Days for Next Week

Monday = New Name Day

Tuesday = Outdoors Day (Field Day this day too!)

Wednesday = Picnic Snack Day

Thursday = Quiz Show Day

Friday = Relay Race Day

Kooky Hair Day

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Reading Plus

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