Aubri's Jamberry Newsletter

May 2016

Exciting news!

May is almost halfway over, but so many exciting things are happening! We are expecting an announcement of new Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps any day now! We also just had a charity event to raise money for those affected by the wild fires in Fort McMurray Canada. The results have not yet been released, but last I heard over C$45,000 had been raised, which is getting matched by the Canadian government! So amazing!

These Disney Collection wraps by Jamberry Retire May 20th!

To make room for new characters, these wraps will be going into the vault for good on May 20th!

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I am here to help!

I love Jamberry and love sharing the love! If you have any questions at all please reach out to me!
Jamberry | Official Wrap Application Video
Jamberry | Official Wrap Removal Video
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Host a nail bar: earn free stuff!

We can have an in-home or online party! It doesn't take long for you to earn awesome rewards. I just closed a $500 party and earned over $164 worth of product (and only paid $4!). I have a few openings so let me know when we can schedule your nail bar!