Great Wall of China

By: Grant Sharkey

The glorious Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a very fascinating structure. It is just Glorious if you've seen it in pictures even in real life! Well here is some information on the great wall of china

Information on what the Great Wall of China is made out of:

It is just fascinating on what this structure is made of If you've ever want to know what its made out of well i'm about to tell you. The Great Wall of China is made out of Stone, Brick, Tamped earth which is raw material made out of earth to make walls, and it is also made out of wood and other materials. And that is what its made out of.

Who built The Great Wall of China

The Qin dynasty built the Great Wall of China and was finished by the Han dynasty. But the reason they built it is to protect their city-states from enemies.

Hotels, restaurants, and more

The leisure Club is a club were people can come to relax and swim indoor outdoor, and spas it is a good place for the whole family to come to. The Great Wall Restaurant is a complete amazing place to dine and go with your family. And finally The Great Wall Sheraton hotel in Beijing and this hotel is definitely a five star hotel and is great for families to go to there and it also has pools, spas, saunas, and more