Never judge a book by its cover

Main Characters:

Leo Borlock is a teenage boy who, throughout the story, is confounded weather to choose the girl he loves or to blend into the world of "them." Stargirl Caraway is an extarordinary teenage girl who is first loved by her classmates for being so different, but eventually is shunned for the same reason. Archibold "Archie" Hapwood is a wise man who Leo consults throughout the story. He speeks in a confusing manner who's words seem to make no sense until the time is right.

Kids Pick:

My favorite part of this OUTSTANDING novel by Jerry Spinelli was when Stargirl was on the Hot Seat and she took it literally and the entire show got completely out of hand!!!

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

Example 1. " Kevin was screaming on the phone." Strong Verb: Screaming. Example 2. "I jumped into the family pickup and raced to the stadium." Strong Verb: Jumped,Raced. Example 3. "I bolted from the truck." Strong Verb: Bolted. Example 4. "Kevin was at the gate windmilling his arm: "Hurry!" Example 5. "I threw the two dollar admission at the ticket window and we raced to the field." Strong Verb: Threw,Raced. Example 6. "See better up here," he said, yanking me into the stands." Strong Verb: Yanked.


This AMAZING! novel by Jerry Spinelli is about a young teenage girl who moves to the lifeless town of Mica, Arizona and brings a sense of spirit with her. When at first she arives ker classmates adore her for being so extraordinary. Sadly though, the miracle doesn't last forever, later on in the story Stargirl is shunned for the same reason!.... Read the book to find out more!!!


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