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April 25-29, 2016

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Here's What We Are Learning

Reading Workshop

We concluded our reading Unit 3 Social Issues this week. We enjoyed finishing up our I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916 story and looked closely at how the main character, Chet, changed throughout the story. We also focused on who had the power in the story and how it changed. In addition to this, we focused on Chet's desires and motivations. Next week we will begin our last reading unit for 3rd Grade. We will look closely at fictional characters and how their traits, motives, and values are revealed when a person encounters a problem/conflict.
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Writing Workshop

We finished up our persuasive writing unit this week. The students worked on adding details and examples to their reasons. We worked on creating great endings and wrapped up our final drafts. In addition to this, we created commercials for our persuasive writing. These were a lot of fun! This coming week we will begin to focus on our poetry unit.

Math Workshop

Since we finished our ISTEP this week, we spent a little time on math. We worked on finishing up the fractions unit with understanding how to compare fractions, mixed numbers, and fractions number stories. Next week we will review what we have learned, take the fraction assessment, and create our fraction cooking show. We've had several students pass all of the multiplication time tests. Thanks for helping with this at home! Knowing our multiplication facts, will really help us as we move to learning to multiply one digit by two digit and two digit by two digit.
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We had a great time with our grandparents and special friends on Friday. A special thank you to all of our special guests!

More special visitors in our classroom...

We had two more visitors in our classroom this week, very special visitors,- Penny and Juneau. Penny is Amelia's Teacup Yorkie. We learned that she is only 3 1/2 lbs. and maybe weighs close to Frank. Juneau is Emily's Barbet puppy. We learned that she has hair like us and will be a therapy dog when she is older.
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What's Growing in our Classroom?

We are still working on growing our romaine lettuce for Frank. We were able to get 1 day of Frank's food this week. After discussing our results and what we need to do to change this, we discussed was we could possibly increase the amount of lettuce we are growing. We decided that next week we will try to plant a plant in soil, one outside, and maybe one in Frank's cage.

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