The Boxer Rebellion

Rebellion or Resistance ?

What is the Boxer Rebellion?

The Boxer Rebellion was an armed uprising of Chinese peasants against western imperialist powers and western leaning Chinese officials

What exactly was going on in China?

  • The ruling Qing dynasty had been in decline for decades in the face of European expansion and internal rebellion.
  • European powers had been given concessions of land and had de facto rule in these areas. Chinese laws did not apply to Europeans
  • The economy of China was in shambles due to inefficient tax collection, and an inability to compete on a global scale. Famine and unemployment were rife
  • Secret societies that operated without the consent of the government grew up among the disposed. One of these societies known as the Society of Harmonious Fists became known as the Boxers to the west
  • In April of 1900 peasants, led by the Boxers rioted and attacked Europeans, Chinese Christians, and foreign businesses.

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