Peyton Manning's Life

By: John Nguyen


"Touchdown Broncos." The sports caster said as Peyton Manning threw his 509ᵗʰ touchdown pass. Success comes from hard work and earning it. Peyton Mannings life is not only just football.

Early life

Peyton Williams Manning was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised by his dad and mom Olivia Williams Manning and former NFL quarterback Archie Manning.His father didn't force Peyton to play Football like his father but sports was in his families household. But Peyton believed his passion was for football. "Peyton seemed destined to be a great quarterback almost from the time he could pick up a football." His dad said. This is true considering he led his school Isidore Newman High school to a 34-5 record and was viewed as the nations number one football recruit in his senior year season.

Road to the NFL

Considering you have to go to college to play in the NFL he played for University of Tennessee. How did he do in his college years? He became the schools all time leading passer with 11,201 yards, 863 completions (Passes that are caught) and 89 touchdown passes (passes that are thrown for a touch down). Holds 42 Tennessee records including 33 single game records. Not only records he won awards in his college years. Some of his awards are Maxwell Award, Davey O'Brien Award (only for quarter backs) and Best College Player ESPY Award.

Manning's NFL seasons

First overall pick (there first choice/first priority) in the NFL draft for the Colts. His rookie year was far from perfect with establishing new NFL records though his team was 3-13 at the end of the season. These early lumps, soon gave away success. Over the next 13 years, Manning arguably the games best quarterback. He earned one of the most awards in the NFL history. The most famous records is his most touchdown passes in NFL history.

Goals with the Broncos

One of his goals this season is not to get hurt for the Broncos. Considering he already had 3 neck injuries playing for the colts its going to be hard avoiding that. He really wants to play well with his new team but he isn't use to what they are doing, so he is going to have to get use to be playing with his new team. Another goal is to not let down his team and perform his best which is why they signed a contract for $96 million also having a good relationship with his team. His ultimate goal is to be the best obviously.

Manning outside of sports

Peyton Manning's has a family outside of sports Ashley Thompson ( his wife) and two kids. Not only a NFL player but a supporter of the NFL doing commercials that sponsor the NFL. One of his commercials are Direct TV commercials where they show it on television on NFL game days. Another commercial is his Nation Wide and State Farm commercial which sponsor the NFL. Also having a foundation called Peyback foundation. What this is, is to help the youth at risk he granted more $10 million for the foundation.