Recipe for a perfect world

Live well and make this country live in peace

By Tina


All the people in the word

1 world

Millions of smiles

20000 kg of love

100,000 kg of freedom

100,000 kg of dreams

30000 kg of joy

60 countries


Step 1: Take 1 the world and add all the people in our world.

Step 2: Add millions of smiles to each person in the world.

Step 3: Add 20000 kgs of love to all the people so they can feel loved and be happy.

Step 4: Add 100,000 kg of freedom and dreams to smiles and love.

Step 5: Put in 30000 kgs of joy in all the families.

Step 6: Mix up all the ingredients together then put it in the baking tray and then you have made a world of love and peace.

quotes about what you need to make a perfect word

Really think about the world and care for others