Art in the 1800s

Sam Wynne


Realism came about in the West during the mid-1800s. This style of art is made of works that are as accurate to real life as possible. The painters of the time focused on paintings that were not only realistic but they depicted images of daily life. Realism was brought to drama by Henrik Ibsen. He wrote plays about what was happening in his life around him. Books that were written during this period were also written about ordinary people and those who had a hard life. Realism art depicts life how it actually was.

This painting fits the realism style because it shows labor that would have been in real life.

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The art form of romanticism was a dramatic style of art with the intent of making people feel something. Romanticism was popular from 1750 to 1850. Painter of this style used bright colors and large brush strokes to enhance the beauty of nature. Music composed in this time period was passionate and made to evoke emotions. An example of a romantic composer is Ludwig van Beethoven. The purpose of romantic art was to make people feel deep emotions.

This painting fits the style of romanticism because the subjects are full of emotion. It is a dramatic piece that doesn't depict a scene of normal life.

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Impressionism began in Paris during the 1870s. At the time artists were faced with the competition of photography. Some felt that they could never compete with the accuracy of photographs. The style of impressionism sought to capture feeling rather then accuracy. Claude Monet was an impressionist who would paint objects from different views in different lighting. Impressionism moved away from realism and captured feelings and emotions instead of making things real. This style of art showed familiar objects and scenes in new ways.

This oil painting by Claude Monet fits Impressionism. It fits this style because it uses unique brush strokes. It does not look extremely realistic but it is very beautiful so it gets you thinking.

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Photography became popular in the 1840s. It was improved by Louis Daguerre and William Fox Talbot. It changed from stiff portraits to images that evoked feelings and imagination. The accuracy of photography made it a fierce competitor for painting and other forms of art. It was also used to show the sometimes harsh reality of life. A famous photographer named Mathew B. Brady took pictures of the American Civil War showing the gruesomeness of war. Other photographer took picture of the rough conditions in factories. Photography was popular because of its ability to show real life.

This photo fits the photography style because it is a photograph of something that would happen in the 1800s.

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Post-Impressionists used art to show objects in different ways. Vincent van Gogh is an example of a post-impressionist artist and he used sharp brush strokes and bright colors in his paintings. Another artist is Georges Seurat made objects and shapes out of small dots. A variety of styles were formed from post-impressionism. Post-Impressionist created new forms of art that conveyed feelings and stirred imagination.

This famous painting by Vincent van Gogh is post-impressionism because of the large brush strokes and bright colors that were used.

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