The Kirk Fenton Pro

Weekly newsletter for staff w/c 10th December 2018


Welcome to this week's KF Pro. I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone who stayed on Friday to help out at the Christmas Fayre. I didn't get to see much of it as I was helping in the PPA room but it looked like it had been very successful with lots of visitors. All of these events help to raise the profile of the school and are a good opportunity for parents to meet us in a less formal atmosphere. Once again, thank you.

Karen x

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Messages, Information, reminders and notices

  • Tea & Coffee - I will try and catch the last few with reminders this week. If you are yet to pay, please can you ensure that you bring your money to me by the end of this month please. £10 per term for a full timer, £8 for 4 days per week e All monies to be in by Christmas please
  • Staff Meeting Thursday 6th December - Martyn Sibley asked me to thank everyone that came to the staff meeting on Thursday. He commented upon how warm and welcoming our staff always are and how willing you are to get involved and positive about what the MAT is trying to achieve.
  • Newspaper - Kate will be moving house soon and has asked if anyone has any spare newspaper that she could use to help with packing. Thank you.
  • Friends of Kirk Fenton - The Friends seem to have several projects on the go at the moment and I know that they have approached different staff for opinions and prices. This has caused some confusion as they don't always let me know. I have asked that all projects come through me so please let me know if you are approached. Thanks
  • Lesson Observations - Thank you for the lesson observations this week, it was great to see the super work that is going on in our school. The next formal observations will be in the Spring term. Drop-ins will continue weekly and on that note.....
  • Drop Ins - Martyn Broom from Sherburn Hungate will be in during the week to moderate my drop-ins. As I am new to recording them in this way he is coming to ensure that I have got the balance right with feedback to teachers and to check that I am not being too harsh or too lenient!
  • Subject Leaders - Thank you to those subject leads that have let me know what time they require for staff meetings next term. If you want subject time at a meeting then please let me know with a rough idea of how much time you would like asap.
  • EYFS - As you may know, we will be making some changes to the structure of EYFS in January with Kate taking charge of the part-timers and Amy and Sarah D teaching the full-timers. This is to allow each class to focus on the needs of a wide age range of pupils and to allow Kate more time to fully carry out the role of SENDCo. Kate and Claire Th will be covering Reception for the time being on the days when Sarah D isn't in. Kate will continue to oversee both classes.
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Diary Dates This Week

Monday 10th -

  • 8:30 Kerry Chapman EMS to see WM, JW & FD plus teachers
  • C Th out am
  • 9:45 Claire Cowper (CAMHs) to observe LH (Errol)
  • pm Helen Butler in Errol
  • 13:30 Geraldine to see AC, JMcK & Helen Harrison
  • 14:15 CIN Meeting JW (Y1) KW

Tuesday 11th -

  • Helen Butler in Y1 am
  • 9:00 Air Conditioning Maintenance in Portacabins
  • 15:30 Staff Meeting - Attachment Disorder in Y6

Wednesday 12th -

  • 8:00 KW @ TGS MAT HT meeting
  • BC out all day Y6 Moderator training & assessment, Helen Butler Cover
  • 13:00 Jigsaws visiting EYFS for writing open afternoon
  • 15:30 KW/EB English Book Look

Thursday 13th -

  • KF at Y2 Moderator training and assessment, Helen Moreton cover
  • Helen Butler in Y1 am
  • Book People Book Fair after school

Friday 14th -

  • Catherine Savage out, Helen Moreton in Y2 all day
  • 11:30 KW meeting parents (WM Y2) with Abda Bashir & Mark Pollock
  • 7:15 Staff night out in York
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Thank you's and Well done's.....

Thank you Mrs Mawson for bringing me a cup of tea just when I needed one on Friday evening.

Thank you to everyone in EYFS for the work you put into the Nativity over the last few weeks. It was a lovely morning and the parents really enjoyed it.

Thanks again to everyone that helped on Friday evening. The FOKF seemed very pleased with the event.

This week's birthdays....

This week we are saying happy birthday to:

Julie and Jo M on Monday and Siobhan on Thursday.