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Sofia K.

About Sofia K. "Blogger Life"

I learned to read when I was four and five. I started with word flashcards and reading when i was by myself. Now I am mostly alone at home until four and I'm usually reading a book or listening to music.

Me As A Reader

  1. I totally ignore people when I read
  2. Reading makes me happy
  3. Books have life meanings
  4. A good book tells a great story
  5. Books are a good way to relive stress
  6. I finish books i start
  7. I'm open to new book options
  8. Books I read generally have a fun tone and/or mood
  9. I love to read
  10. I read books that have intense action
  11. I love mystery books

Heartless Kanye west lyrics

The Song "Heartless"

I chose this song because it is a catchy song that makes you want to sing the song or dance in the middle of class. Also I chose this book because it has a rhythm to dance to and a fun melody. This makes me think of reading because I love the song just as much as i like to read.

Bloggin' about Books

I am currently reading the book Also Known As by Robin Benway. It's a book about spy's that are trying to live a normal life. The last book I read was United We Spy by Ally Carter.

I have also read the book The Westing Game.This book is about a millionaire who has passed away. There are heirs to see who gets all of the money and his property. I think it is a great book and everybody in and out of water should read it. --- advise form yours truly

Between the Pages of a Book is a Good Place to be

Whenever I read an adventurous book or a book with a good mystery, I am totally lost in the whole entire thing for the rest of the day. These types of books are the best because you can always find the heart of the story or the authors feelings reflected in the book. Books turn reality into a fun place to be.

More Reads

Here is a great link to go to if you want to find some new books.

Big image

I choose this because I like the overall message and the format.

Recommendn' Books

Here are some books I thought every person like me would want to read.

  1. Maximum Ride
  2. The Maximum Rise Series
  3. Back Before Dark
  4. Going Rouge
  5. United as We Spy
  6. Skinnybones

These are all books about action, adventure, comedy, and a little bit of romance. I recommend these books because they have SUPER great details. They are also my favorites, just so you know.
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The End

Overall, I think that books are a good way to have some fun, imagine a new world to be in, and a great way to relive stress( sleep is also a good stress reliever). I hope that everyone can pick up a good book and find it possible to actually read it to the end.


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