Kindergarten News!

Mrs. Neville's Class-Week of September 15th


TOMORROW is our Boosterthon Fun Run! Please make sure your kinder has on tennis shoes and comfortable clothes to run in. They will ALL get their dark gray Rock Prairie t-shirts tomorrow to wear for the fun run. You are welcome to come and cheer on your kinder as they run around the gym track to Rockin' Town Live! It's going to be tons of fun and you will want to bring your camera!! Kinder will run @ 1:20 pm. You will need to park and come in through the front entrance of the school, sign in and then meet us in the gym! Can't wait to see you there!

Literacy Stations

In literacy each week we are practicing reading our new word wall words and focusing on word to word matching. We have 10 stations we rotate through that help us with these skills.

*book making

*ABC work

*pocket chart

*write the room

*word work






Word Wall Words

Here is a list of the words we have learned so far! Please make sure you are practicing spelling, reading and writing these words at home.

I, a, at, is, me, red, blue, yellow

Math Workshop

•Counting using one to one correspondence (1-10)

•Read and write numerals to match a set of objects (1-10)

•Counting forwards and backwards (1-10)

We also made our first graph this week about "Our Eyes". We graphed the color of our eyes and had a lot of fun learning how to collect data and read that information


We have been exploring colors and mixing colors with food coloring and play doh! We've discussed primary colors and how they mix to make secondary colors! We've also been learning more about our 5 Senses. So far we've explored our sense of sight and sense of hearing. Next week we will focus on our sense of smell and sense of touch.

Writer's Workshop

We are learning how authors generate ideas for their stories. We are learning to visualize and make pictures in our heads about the stories we want to "wake up" and write about. We use literature each day to help us learn how real authors create stories. We practice stretching sounds and labeling our pictures. As illustrators we try to use a variety of colors in our pictures to make them more detailed.


-Oil Ranch Field trip forms are due back by Friday, September 27th

-Every Wednesday we go to the library please have your child keep their library book in their backpack so they can get a new one each week.

-We have snack every day at 2:15 pm

-Please clean out, sign and return your kinders blue folder every day.

Contact Information

Find our class facebook page and like us so you can follow us and see all the great things we are up too! With parent permission I will post pictures weekly so you can take a peek at the fun things happening in our classroom!