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What is track and field?

Track and field is a collection of athletic events ranging from running, jumping, and throwing that offer opportunities for all types of athletes and abilities to be able to challenge themselves individually and compete collectively as a team.

Running events

Individual events:

100 meter hurdles

  • 1/4 lap, The runner sprints the straight side of the track jumping over a series of hurdles.

100 meter dash

  • 1/4 lap, The runner sprints the straight side of the track as fast as possible

200 meter dash

  • 1/2 lap, The runner sprints half of the track as fast as possible

400 meter run

  • 1 lap, This is a mid distance event which required a strong sprint but enough endurance to maintain speed all the way around the track

800 meter run

  • 2 laps

1600 meter run

  • 4 laps, also referred to as "the mile"

Relay events, a metal baton is passed from runner to runner:

4x100 meter

  • Each member of the 4 person team sprints 1/4 of the track for a total of 1 lap

4x200 meter

  • Each member of the 4 person team sprints 1/2 of the track for a total of 2 laps

4x400 meter

  • Each member of the 4 person team runs 1 full lap for a total of 4 laps

Jumping events

High jump

  • A person runs and jumps backwards over a vertical bar and lands on a mat.

Long jump

  • A person sprints down the runway and jumps as far as possible into a sand pit

Triple jump

  • Similar to the long jump but the jumper leaps off of a foot, landing on the same foot, steps to the other foot and launches to land on both feet into a sand pit

Pole vault

  • A person runs down a runway with a long stick that is place in a groove in the ground that propels the athlete high over a vertical bar and landing on a mat

Throwing events

Shot put

  • Athletes throw a heavy round ball as far as they can


  • Athletes throw a round metal disc as far as they can
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FMS Track and field web site

This is where you will find the season meet schedule, FMS track and field record board, meet results, and instructions for Remind 101

How do I sign up? What else do I need to know?

  • Click the link to the google form and let us know you plan to participate! We will use this information to assemble a preliminary roster to check for your physicals and also so we have an idea of who and how many to expect on the first day of practice. Don't worry, if you don't "sign up" and you still want to join, talk to one of the coaches and we will get you involved!
  • You will need a current sports physical on file with the school before you can actively participate in practice or competition. You must have 14 active practices before you can compete. Click the link that says "MSHSAA sports physical form" to download a copy to take to your doctor if you have not already gotten your physical this year.
  • You must also stay in academically good standing to participate. If a student has 2 or more F's, he/she will become ineligible to compete. More detailed information will be available in the FMS track handbook that you will receive at the parent meeting on Wednesday, March 11th, at 5:00 pm in the FMS gym.
  • Practice will start Wednesday March 4th and be Monday - Friday until 5:30 pm. Practice will be held at the middle school for the first week and then we will be transported to the high school and will practice there for the remainder of the season, weather permitting.
  • You will be under the direction and supervision of Coach Yates, Coach Payne, Coach Braun, and Coach E. Knipe.
  • The first day of practice is Wednesday, March 4th. You will need comfortable athletic clothes and shoes for practice. There is optional equipment that can be purchased as the season progresses but more information about that will come as we get into the season. For the first week of practice, boys and girls will dismiss after the 2nd bell, get your belongings from your lockers, and report directly to the middle school locker rooms to change. You will leave your things in the locker room to be secured until practice is over and dismiss to your parents from there. You will not be permitted to go back to your lockers after practice.