What I learned in 6th Grade

By: Caroline LaRusso


A ratio is what you use to compared two different numbers to each other. This is a ratio of the number of boy to girls in my 6th grade class and under this is just some more ratios and it will show you how to do them in the picture in the middle of the other two ratios. Ratios can also be simplified!


This time lets just show you a quick video on how to do this skill! Go to Learn Zillion and type in the search bar 614 and it will show you how to do this skill.

Unit Rate!

For rate, lets solve the problem beside this description. I will show you the steps to competing this problem below. These steps will explain to you how to do this. Rate is pretty much just a ratio (shown above) with some kind of rate in it. Here are some examples of some unit rate units.

mph or distance.

Measurement Converting

Measurement Converting is really easy and usually you really don't have to do much you just convert them. Here is a chart of measurements and their conversions to help you.


Below this is what decimals looks like. Really you can do a lot with them but you will find out all of those later.

A positive integer

Well... this is just a number... but we have to obviously make sure that it is positive. The first picture is WRONG and the others are right.

Negative integer

Well... this is just a number... but we have to obviously make sure that it is negative. The first picture is WRONG and the others are right.

Number Lines

Well... It is not rely hard to explain number lines because they are just...well... numbers on a line.


It is hard to explain these so, I just gave you a IXL on them and it will show you how to do it.


This is just like 4 < 5. You know about those right here is what one looks like.
Big image

The Right Triangle

The right triangle looks like this... It is just a shape...


Percents are just like this...

50% of 100 is 50


75% of 100 is... what?

Here is what one looks like...

Greatest Common Factor

This is just where you find two numbers GCF.




Tables and Charts

They are very hard to explain but here is a learn zillion link of them and how to do them.

Rectangular Prism

This is just a prism which is a 3d shape but this 3d shape has a base that is a rectangle.

Statistic Questions

This is when there can be MANY answers to a question. Like... what are the ages of all of the kids in sixth grade this would be a statistic question because you could have to answers... 11, 12, or even 13.

A set of Data

This is just a few numbers really that is all. They all have a space and a comma in between all of them.

A list of numbers

I would hope you know what a list of numbers is but if you don't know how to find the three m's of the list of data here is a video and some pictures of how to do that.


This is just a number smaller and higher than the other number. The smaller number is the exponent. This shows how many times to multiply the bottom number by the same number.

Line Plots

Here is a video on how to do this skill.

A Fraction

This is not hard it is just a number over a number like... 3/4 or 5/7


This is just any shape that has four corners and four sides.


Sorry I can't really explain this so here is some example below and a buzzmath link for you.

Least Common Multiple

For this you do your prime factorization and then compare the two to see what the LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE is. Here is a picture of how to do it.
Big image