Property Manager

Ethan has a great team of Property Manager who provide professional services that meet the needs of a broad range of property investors: residential, commercial, industrial, and medical and owner’s corporation management. Using the latest technology and innovative procedures our property managers provide tenancy management services that will improve your rental returns.

Latest Innovation

Ethan utilizes the latest technology to ensure that both landlords and tenants can access the most up to date information. As the owner of the property we think it is only fair that you can view all aspects of your property file,online,24 hours a day.

Increase your investment yield

Don't wait until the end of the month to receive your rent, as soon as Ethan receives the cleared funds it’s transferred into your nominated account. We think that it’s your money and it’s only fair that it’s in your account.

Specialty Management

Ethan staff are specifically trained and experienced to manage specialty properties, affordable housing tenants, commercial, Medical and Industrial properties are also a specialty that Ethan can assist in managing through our management services, with extensive experience in these property sectors our staffs are able to provide sophisticated management that will increase your yield and protect your assets.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your management requirements with our staff, please contact us now.