By: Samantha Ashcraft

All about me

I was born in Batesville , Ar so was my brother Trevor (16) and hunter (12) but my oldest brother Chris (18) was born in Jonesboro, Ar. I sing ,write, play guitar, and I dance. I want to go to college for my singing or writing. I have three brother and no sisters, I live with my mom (Christy) and my dad (Tracy). I enjoy being with my family because if anything happens we always have each other back no matter what. I love when me and my entire family get together because there's a lot of us and some we haven't seen in awhile but some I haven't even met like my great great grandparents on my dad's side. They were Cherokee Indians and their names are really hard to pronounce.

Self Esteem

I thought my self esteem was gonna be higher than fifty seven percent but a least it ain't around twenty something. I believe that i'm fifty seven percent because I can deal with getting picked on but sometimes i can't. I like my self esteem because it tells me what i can take and can't take. What my self esteem of fifty seven percent means is I can take getting criticized. I can't take getting beat up and that i'm not a mean person except when i'm getting beat up than I have to do something about it. I hope my self esteem only goes up instead of down.
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My results on the attitude test was Forty five which means I'm a positive thinker but so times it gets the best of me. I was actually expecting that i was a positive thinker because I don't like negative stuff it really bothers me. My results mean I try to be optimistic and positive however somethings get the best of me and I start to think negative thoughts. I was considered a positive thinker so here's two ways I can maintain my positive attitude first, I could avoid hanging out with negative thinkers, second I could get good grades and try really hard in school. I like being a positive thinker because I don't like being negative. I hope I stay a positive thinker instead of a negative thinker.
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Career Aptitude

My results were not at all what i was expecting because I don't want to be a Dredge Operator or a roofer so they a far off. They are nothing like what I want to do after high school because I want to be a singer, writer ,or a guitarist so they are far from what I want to be. My brother Christopher just graduated May 15,2015 and he's a mechanic. I don't think would make a very good roofer at all or a dredge operator because my other result is that I could be a manufacturer builder and a mobile house installer. There is one I could be which is Driver/sales worker. I hope my results start to be like my heart and at least one of my dream careers.
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Learning style

My learning style is auditory at eighty percent. That explains when i'm either writing a song or a story I always have to read or sing what I wrote so I can make sure it makes sense. I like where when i'm spelling something I have to say it out loud. My little brother he has to write it down on a piece of paper and he takes a lot of notes so his learning style is probably visual. I agree with my results because I don't ever take a lot of notes.
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Personality Type

My personality type is INFJ which means Introvert (56%), Intuitive (41%), Feeling (47%), and Judging (6%). I agree with my results all but the judging part I don't and haven't Judged anyone. Some of my characteristics are When given a goal or context I will try to find anyway to achieve that goal or context. Another one is I'm not afraid of giving up or working hard.Another one is we always strive for the best. Last but not least I am a perfectast.
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Brain Orientation

My results were fifty six percent on the right side and forty four percent of the left. I was kinda expecting that my right side was gonna be higher than my left because I write with my right hand and the first foot when I walk is my right side. Some of the characteristics of my brain dominance is creativity and curiosity is the two that really help me understand why my right side is the part of my brain I use a lot. My results mean that it will help me with my career choice.
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Personality Color

My personality color is red. I feel the color red does mostly match my personality because I'm passionate and i'm not afraid to pursue my goals in life. The only con about me is I get mad easy and I have a really bad temper but sometimes I black out and don't remember a thing that happened. I never hold grudges. when I have dream or a goal in life I am very determined but sometimes I quit work on something like homework to pursue it.
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