Riboberta Menchu

Her family and friends.

Rigoberta's life as a teenager.

Juana Tum Kótoja her mother. Vicente Menchú Pérez her father.The Menchú family was active in the land reform movement like women groups. The civil war since the 1950’s, was in full swing in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Her father was arrested and tortured.The family, including 20 year old Rigoberta, joined the local rebel organization, the CUC (Committee of the Peasant Union).

What happened to the Menchu family

The civil war was when she lost her family.Her brother was captured and killed he was burned alive. Her father Vicente was a leader of a small band of rebels security forces were sent in and most of the rebels, including Vicente, were killed. Her mother was arrested and killed. After the loss of her mother, brother and father Rigoberta left Guatemala to Mexico. She then left from Mexico to France

Such a young age can change everything

She had a loving family who was looking for freedom and Rigoberta did it!

What Rigoberta did after family died

In France in 1982 Rigoberta met Elizabeth Burgos-Debray, a Venezuelan-French.She became an international figure in the field of native rights. She helped people by organizing protests, conferences and speeches around the world that led her to making a change in many peoples lives including hers in particular but, she wouldn't have done these things if it weren't for her brave family.